We build power sections with increased durability, reliability, and performance in challenging thru-tubing and drilling applications. Our proprietary DynaVane motor technology is a positive-displacement, all-metal power section with high torque, minimal length, and compatibility with solids, acids, solvents, nitrogen, high temperature and other challenging fluid environments. 

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Power Section Technology

Patent Pending

How it Works

  1. Fluid enters working chamber through the “Inlet Port” and causes the vanes to flip upright or closed
  2. When upright/ closed, the vanes form a sealed chamber that creates torque on the shaft
  3. The shaft rotates and displaces fluid that exits through the “Outlet Port”
  4. The vanes flip down or open to pass over one another, and the torque produced by the stage drops off
  5. Multiple stages are coupled together, with offset positioning of the vanes, to provide continuous torque output
  6. Adding more stages adds more torque and power

Unique Solids Compatibility

DynaVane's patent pending vane configuration was specifically designed for operating in drilling mud, and is the only vane motor that can operate in this challenging environment. 

How it works with Mud

Solids and debris in the mud builds up around the vanes when the vanes are upright and producing torque. However, when the vanes pass over each other, the flow paths change and high velocity fluid washes the debris away from the vanes. Thus, the solids do not have enough time to build up and the vanes are cleaned every cycle, or 100's of times per minute. 

Performance Features

+ All Metal
+ High Torque & Power
+ Wide Range of Speeds
+ Compatible w Solids & Debris
+ Replaceable & Wear Compensating Vanes
+ Concentric Rotation
+ No Gears
+ Modular & Adjustable
+ Simple Operation, Assembly, & Inspection

Performance Benefits

Eliminate performance inconsistency caused by rubber stators in Moineau power sections

Operate with superior performance and improved consistency in harsh or variable conditions, such as oil base mud, high temperatures, or aggressive chemicals etc. 

Need rpm? DynaVane is a higher torque alternative to turbines for hard formations with more consistent rpm control

Seeing excessive downhole vibrations? DynaVane has the potential to reduce drill string system instability caused by non-linear elastomer dynamics and eccentric rotor vibrations

Cost Benefits

Conventional motor costs can add up quickly. If there are compatibility issues with the elastomer stator, failures can get costly with NPT stacking up to 5X the costs of the motor components. Monashee's DynaVane power section technology can eliminate costly downtime caused by rubber failures, saving significant time and costs to complete drilling operations as planned. 

Improved consistency of performance allows for better optimization of ROP and predictability of drilling schedules, adding up to more savings and reduced scheduling changes.  

Example of Conventional Motor Costs

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